Self Smoothing Epoxy Screed at British Gas
Self Smoothing PU Screed at Rolls Royce
Floor Coatings at Staverton Airport

This project at Tividales Limited involved transforming an old cracked, rough and damaged floor in to a new smooth, dust free floor. The floor was too rough to paint or to apply the 2-3mm self smoothing epoxy screed, so the client opted for a pumpable floor screed to smooth the floor followed by application of a coating to provide a glossy impermeable surface. The client was delighted with the results.




Fastrack visited site to survey the floor, which was found to be badly damaged and unsuitable for coatings to be applied direct. The subfloor was the mechanically prepared to provide a surface suitable for bonding to.




Fastrack recut any large cracks and filled with a tough epoxy repair compound. The whole floor was then primed with an epoxy primer and whilst wet a silica aggregate was broadcast into the primer to provide a textured surface.




Fastrack mixed the pumpable screed outside to maintain a low dust area inside and transferred the product to the subfloor via the hoses. The material is applied by an expert floor layer at the correct speed to maintain the 5mm thickness required. An operative simply blends the flow lines together using a spiked roller.



Fastrack left the screed to dry and then applied two coats of epoxy coating and the final finish can be seen above.

Floor Paint Industrial Flooring Contractor screeding levelling smoothing