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  Fastrack Epoxy SL is a high performance epoxy resin flooring system, typically applied at 2-3mm. This provides a hygienic, dust free floor with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance. This product is widely used on industrial and commercial floors in laboratories, schools, plant rooms, factories, engineering workshops, hospital clean rooms and many more applications. The finished floor is glossy, seamless, and completely impermeable.

Good self levelling properties.
Easy to clean
Good impact and abrasion resistance.
Solvent Free

Fastrack Epoxy SL is available in a range of colours including Tile Red, Mid Blue, Light Grey, Mid Grey, Mid Green and Buff.
Surface Preparation: Subfloor preparation is highly important with products of this nature. The subfloor should be free of oil, grease, laitence and other contaminants which may affect adhesion. It is recommended that the floor is mechanically prepared (ie. Shotblasting, grinding , scabbling) to provide a clean sound base for installation of the Fastrack Epoxy SL. New concrete must be allowed to cure for at least 28 days and the floor should have a maximum slope of 5%. Sound subfloor construction is essential.
Priming: All subfloors must be primed/sealed with Fastrack Epoxy Primer prior to the application of Fastrack Epoxy SL. The primer is available in 4.5kg packs which cover 25sq.m. The primer is applied by roller or brush ensuring a continuous film over the whole floor. Two coats are recommended if you are unsure of slab porosity.
Mixing: Fastrack Epoxy SL is supplied as a three component system comprising resin, curing agent, and aggregate a total of 20.5kg. Best results will be obtained by using a mechanical mixer, either a paddle fixed to an electric drill, or a forced action mixer. Add the curing agent B to the pigmented epoxy resin A and mix thoroughly until a smooth uniform colour is obtained. Using a suitably sized container pour in the mixed A and B components and slowly add the fine aggregate component and mix for five minutes. Ensure all of the A and B residues are scraped from the tins.
Application: Pour the mixed product onto the subfloor and spread to the required thickness using a notched trowel to cover the area uniformly. Within a few minutes of trowelling, a nylon spiked roller (available from Fastrack) should be ran across the laid Fastrack Epoxy SL to remove entrapped air. It may be necessary to run the roller across the screed after another 10 minutes to remove any new bubbles. Take care not to roller areas of the Fastrack Epoxy SL which have already started to cure sufficiently to retain the imprint of the spikes.
Expansion Joints: All existing joints in the substrate should be followed through into the Fastrack Epoxy SL.
Curing Time and Working Time: Once mixed, the product has approximately 40-50 minutes working time. Allow the Fastrack Epoxy SL to cure for at least 2-3 days before allowing full traffic, and the floor should be left for 7 days before full chemical resistance is achieved.
Health and Safety: Health and safety data is available on request. It is recommended that rubber gloves are worn during product application.
Cleaning Of Tools: Use any strong solvent to clean tools and equipment.

Technical Information:  
Compressive Strength: >60N/mm .
Flexural Strength: >40N/mm
Shelf Life: 12 months in unopened containers.
Adhesion Bond Strength: Stronger than integral strength of the concrete.
Coverage: 20.5kg unit covers 6m at 2mm thickness.