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Fastrack Pourable screed is a low cost, high strength, industrial flooring levelling compound, suitable for internal and external applications. It is ideal for providing smooth but slip resistant surfaces where the concrete has a tamped rough finish or where excessive wear has taken place.

Benefits include:-
1. Smooth run-over for fork lift and hand pallet trucks. Damage to trucks is reduced, along with driver fatigue and the possibility of spilled loads.
2. Attractive appearance. The natural colour is a neutral mid-grey.
3. Can be coated with one of the Fastrack resin sealers with no further treatment (other than basic cleaning) after 72 hours normal curing if a sealed surface is required.
4. Inherent slip resistance wet or dry, due to effect of the special resins.
5. Apply from 3mm up to 15mm. Large areas can be covered in a day.
6. Fast setting: Foot traffic after 4-6 hours, full usage after 24-36 hours dependent on weather conditions and temperature.
Note: If floor is to be painted and slip resistance is essential refer to Fastrack for information about our slip resistant coatings. Unpainted Fastrack Pourable Screed is slip resistant.
Pack Size: 30kg
Approximate Coverage: 4.5m @ 3mm thickness or 2.7m @ 5mm thickness and 1.35m @ 10mm thickness


The base concrete should be as clean and as dust free as possible. It will be recognised that the success of the system is dependant upon the base being sound.
External concrete is often free of the oils and extreme wear that is prevalent inside factories but degreasing and etching should be undertaken where appropriate (see below). Do not apply if the temperature is below 5C
Internal Concrete should be prepared by etching with Fastrack Etching Fluid if dust is present. Light oil/grease pockets may be removed by burning with a gas torch or degreased (Fastrack Degreaser) if the spillage is extensive.
Concrete paints or sealers should be mechanically removed in order that the primers can penetrate. Sanders, grinders, mechanical wire brushes, or floor planers can readily be obtained from most hire shops. Please refer to Fastrack for preparation advice.


Primer 1 is brushed (a broom is ideal) onto the cleaned and prepared concrete and left to soak in and dry to a slightly tacky finish - usually an hour or so.
Primer 2 is then applied thinly and left for 15 minutes. The Fastrack Pourable Screed is poured onto the wet Primer 2.


Very easy to apply. Remove from the pail the bag containing the powders. Pour the additive into the pail and slowly add the powders. Use a high speed drill with a paint stirrer attachment (available from Fastrack if required) to blend the components together. It is sometimes beneficial to scrape dry residues from the corners of the pail using a bar or hoe.
An even consistency is quickly obtained and the resultant creamy compound is simply poured onto the previously primed surface, generally spread about with a trowel or squeegee then rollered out using a spiked roller (available from Fastrack if required). Use thin laths or foam draught excluder to retain the mixture within the area to be treated.
Curing. Not usually required. Where rapid drying conditions exist mist spraying with water is recommended a few hours after application of the mix in order to help prevent plastic shrinkage. Typical instances include external applications in hot weather or where strong draughts exist.

Technical Information

Compressive Strength

29.0 N/mm

BS6318, PT 2: 1983

Note: Above Tested at 28 days at 23C/50% RH
Adhesion To Concrete

Conforms to BS8204 PT 3: 1993

Slip Resistance

(in accordance with)

BS8204 PT 3: 1993

Wet: 60-62
Dry: 79-82
The results indicate good slip resistance.