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This economical, high strength mortar sets within 3-4 hours and will accept heavy traffic after an overnight cure at normal temperature.
Fastrack Epoxy Mortar is excellent for use as a thin skim and for reinstating broken floor joints and holes.
Colour: Grey
Packaging: 50 kg Bargain packs (contains 4 x 12 kg units): Approx 6 sq.m. @ 5mm
Also 10 kg units : Approx 1.2 sq.m. @ 5mm
Also 5kg FAST SET units : Approx 0.6 sq.m. @ 5mm
Preparation: The surface to be reinstated should be thoroughly prepared by removing all loose and friable materials and wire brushing. It is advisable to square off the edges although feather-edging is possible. Dust should be blown or vacuumed away.
Mixing and Application: There are two components to the Fastrack Epoxy Mortar - hardener, and base resin mixed with special aggregates. The base resin/aggregate mixture should be spread onto a board, the surface notched with a trowel and the hardener distributed evenly all over. The mortar should then be very thoroughly mixed together and applied by trowel. Finishing is considerably aided by occasionally wiping the blade of the trowel on a rag soaked in solvent. Priming is not normally required.
Note: Mixed mortar should not be left in a tin or bucket as exothermic action will produce a flash set in 15-20 minutes.
Curing: Curing commences within 3-4 hours and given temperatures around 21C, the repair will accept full trafficking after an overnight cure period. The 5kg Fast Set Fastrack Epoxy Mortar cures for traffic in as little as 1hr.
Storage: Fastrack Epoxy Mortar has a minimum shelf life of 12 months if stored in a cool, dry place in unopened tins.
Health & Safety Data: Available on request.
Technical Service: A full application and advisory service is available. We would be pleased to help in any way possible.