Fastrack Flooring (Midland) Limited

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Many factory facilities are in continually wet environments. Patch repairs need to be tough and durable. The answer is simple - Fastrack Cement Mortar, a specially formulated powder mixed with a resin to produce a hard, rapid setting mortar. This product is laid at 8mm minimum thickness and cures to a tough durable surface.
Advantages: Available in a range of colours including red, buff, natural, grey and green. Accepts forklift traffic after overnight cure. Fastrack Cement Mortar is easy to mix and apply giving a hard durable grey appearance when dry. This repair material is also steam cleanable.

Surface Preparation: The surface should be reasonably dry, clean and free of loose debris. Smooth surfaces should be roughened to provide grip. Should not be applied in temperatures below 5C.
Priming: Primer supplied with pack.
Application: 1. Ensure the area where the mortar is to be applied to is clean. 2. Brush apply an amount of the resin in the bottle to the subfloor. 3. Using a powerful drill or by chopping the material on a board (like making concrete), add the resin supplied to the powder until throughly mixed to a mortar consistency. 4. Place the mixed product onto the primed floor whilst the primer is still wet and trowel smooth, occasionally using a wet rag to wipe the trowel blade.
Suitability For Use: Fastrack Cement Mortar is suitable for high temperature areas (up to 100C. Must be laid to a minimum 8mm (due to the granite reinforced nature of the product. We recommend Fastrack Epoxy Mortar for depths less than 8mm.
Pack size: 50kg pack consisting of powder and resin additive, which will cover 2sq.m at 15mm.
Health and Safety Data: Supplied upon request.