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General: Fastrack Etching Fluid is used to prepare concrete prior to painting. It helps remove the surface dust (laitence) that is often evident on concrete. It is also frequently used to effect a slightly textured surface for enhancing slip and skid resistance on smooth, hard concrete floors.
Surface Preparation: Ensure that the surface of the concrete is free from oil and grease. This may be achieved by the use of Fastrack Degreaser.
Application: Fastrack Etching Fluid is supplied ready to use. It should be applied evenly to the concrete and scrubbed in. For large areas a combined scrubber/wet vacuum machine will greatly assist the process. Reaction should be allowed to take place for approximately 10 minutes after which the floor should be thoroughly washed and dried. When Fastrack Etching Fluid is used to impart a slip resistant texture onto hard or chemically treated concrete it may be necessary to carry out the etching process twice. We recommend that a trial area is treated.
Storage: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Do not allow to freeze.
Pack Size/Coverage: Approximately 20 mē per 5 litre pack and 100 mē per 25 litre pack.
Cleaning: Applicators may be cleaned with water.
Technical Service: A full application and advisory service is available.
Safety: Detailed Health and Safety information is available.