Fastrack Flooring (Midland) Limited

P.O.Box 597, Telford, Shropshire, TF11 8WG. Tel: 01952 461600   Fax: 01952 463850

General: Fastrack Degreaser is a highly effective alkaline liquid emulsion cleaner containing an aromatic solvent. It is ideal for cleaning dirty and oily concrete floors in workshops, factories, assembly shops and garages, also for degreasing metal components and assemblies.
Application: Pour onto floor and thoroughly scrub in, preferably with electric floor scrubbing machine. Leave for 10 minutes and wash or hose off the emulsified dirt and grease. Excess liquid may readily be removed with squeegee, mop or wet vacuum pick-up.
Note: It is essential that the floor is allowed to dry completely after degreasing and prior to applying a floor coating or repair mortar (see Fastrack data sheets). It is important to inspect the cleaned floor and ensure it is dry and free from oil before coating commences.
Storage: Should not be stored at temperatures below 0.
Pack Size/Coverage: 5 litres covers approx. 9 sq.m (97 sq ft). 25 litres covers approx. 45 sq.m. (484 sq ft).
Technical Service: A full application and advisory service is available.
Safety: Detailed Health and Safety information is available.